Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems
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Calendar of Events


  • Shrinking the City
    Wednesdays, 3pm, Jan 2-Feb 26
    at the Built Environment Research Lab.
    The political, social, and environmental issues of urban downsizing.
    Urban sprawl is not universal. Around the world, and across the USA we find some cities are shrinking. Cities in the American "rustbelt" and "sunbelt" are shrinking for different reasons, and the problems and opportunities each presents are different.
  • Building for Democracy.
    Monday, Feb 11 at 7pm
    at the Heritage Room of the ACES Funk Library.

    HDES Professor Michael Krassa discusses the role of the built environment in shaping our social interactions, attitudes about other people, and our feelings about the value of the place in which we live.

Upcoming Events

  • Announcement of Scholarship winners.
    March 13.
  • Zoning versus Taxing.
    April  15.
    Narrated video and slide tour of Fairhope, Alabama, focusing on the impact of tax policy versus zoning. When done correctly, tax policy affects human behaviors more reliably than does zoning.
  • Urban Farms and Community Gardens.
    April 30.
    Discussion of the importance of scale, access, and beauty in shaping the different impacts on people and neighborhoods.