HDES Faculty and Staff List
AY 2013

Kathy Anthony, Department of Architecture
Environment and behavior, with a special emphasis on housing.

Tom Bassett, Department of Geography
Political ecology of natural resource management in West Africa, with emphasis on land use and land cover change, land rights systems, and environment and development policy.

Vernon Burton, Department of History
Environmental history: by looking at the intersection of people and place, Burton studies how people changed the environment and how people were changed by the exigencies of their locale.

 Mark Clark, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Water treatment and monitoring systems; membrane filtration systems; fouling control strategies.

 Donald Crummey, Department of History
Landscape change in Twentieth century Africa: methods of measurement and assessment; underlying sociopolitical dynamics: global narratives of the environment among Third World land users.

 Pradeep Dhillon, Department of Educational Policy Studies (Philosophy)
philosophy of language and mind; aesthetics, especially environmental aesthetics; international   education--particularly sustainability and development; phenomenology; Kantian value theory, including Kant's theory of natural aesthetics.

Max Edelson, Department of History
Environmental, economic, and cultural history of colonial British America; agriculture and society in plantation America; natural disasters and empire in the Atlantic world.

Tony Endress, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Restoration ecology -- the science and practice of ecological restoration.

 Courtney Flint, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Community response to ecosystem disturbance, rural sociology, community and forestry, risk perception and community action.

 Eric Freyfogle, College of Law
Environmental law; the consequences of development; human nature and the environment.

 Zsuzsa Gille, Department of Sociology
Environmental sociology; sociology of knowledge; sociology of waste and risk;  cultural studies; Eastern Europe; European Union .

Rebecca Ginsburg, Department of Landscape Architecture
Cultural landscapes of apartheid and Atlantic slavery;  19th and 20th century American cultural landscapes.

 Ryan Griffis, New Media, School of Art and Design
Critical commentaries on people and their setting(s).

 Bruce Hannon, Department of Geography
Ecological, economic energy systems; conservation; resource utilization; impacts of changes in technology and consumption.

 Diane Harris, Department of Landscape Architecture
Landscape history; cultural landscapes of Italian peninsula from 1400-1800; cultural landscapes of U.S. from 1850-present; race and space; suburban domestic spaces after 1950.

 Stacy Harwood, Urban Planning
Participatory approaches to community development; role of urban planners in social justice; land-use practices in diverse immigrant communities.

 Rex Hess, Department of Veterinary Biosciences
Male reproductive biology, endocrinology and toxicology, with specific interests in spermatogenesis, the regulation of stem cells, testicular growth and development, structure and function of the epididymis and the role of estrogens in male reproduction.

 Bryan Heidorn, Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Citizen and NGO-based environmental monitoring; environmental information interchange, scholarly communication, digital libraries and information retrieval.

 Piper Hodson, HDES Staff and NRES Staff 

Robert Hughes, Department of Human and Community Development
Divorce; single parenting; family life program development and evaluation; information technology and families; online family life education.

 Ezekiel Kalipeni, Department of Geography
Human-environment interaction; environmental and resource issues in sub-Saharan Africa; demographic change; geography of health and disease.

 Dave Kovacic, Department of Landscape Architecture 
Ecosystem ecology, wetland ecology; biochemistry of managed and unmanaged  ecosystems.


Michael Krassa, Chair, Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems, and Political Science Dep't
Impact of the physical environment on social network formation and maintenance; the role of the physical and social environment on commitment to place, collective action, and political/social attitudes and behaviors; environmental impacts on health and health behaviors; the built environment and health; neighborhoods and politics; the social and physical context of politics.

 Ming Kuo, Departments of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, and Psychology; Director, Landscape and Human Health Laboratory
The role of natural elements, views, and spaces in a healthy human habitat; effects of the environment on the health, and healthy functioning, of individuals, families and communities.

 Laura Lawson, Department of Landscape Architecture
Public landscapes as community resources addressing social, environmental, and economic concerns; urban garden programs and community expression; social and cultural issues in urban landscapes and urban design.

 Martin Manalansan, Department of Anthropology
Sociocultural anthropology; sexuality and gender within the processes of globalization and transnationalism; food, modernity and urban life; critical theory; cultural studies; public health; Filipino diaspora, Asian Americans, Southeast Asia, Philippines.

 Stephen Marshak, Department of Geology
Precambrian tectonic evolution of Brazil and on the nature of Precambrian tectonic processes; 3-D structural geometry of fold-thrust belts; midcontinent tectonics.

 Rebecca McBride, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts and Theater Dep't
Creation of new performance projects with emphasis on work that influences  attitudes and behaviors related to societal issues; multi-disciplinary  performing arts   management.

 Cary McDonald, Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism
Human behavior in outdoor recreation environments; behaviors and attitudes of recreationists; recreational conflict; planning and policy formation.

 Robert McKim, Department of Religion
Philosophy of religion, the history of early modern philosophy, and applied ethics. He has recently taught courses in philosophy of religion and in environmental ethics. He is currently writing a book on the implications of religious diversity.

 Jennifer Monson, Department of Dance
Site specific dance; connecting to the urban environment; the natural environment; migrations.

 Pinilla Nohra Mateus, State Natural History Survey

 Robert Olshansky, Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Environmental and land use policy; translating state and federal policies into effective local actions; planning for natural hazards.

Hua Qin, Department of Environmental Studies, Uniersity of Illinois at Springfield 
Environmental and natural resource sociology, population and the environment, climate change, community and natural resource management, research methods, and statistics.

Ann Reisner, Department of Human and Community Development
The press and social movements; environmental social movements; media strategies in environmental organizations and environmental mass media.

 Bruce Rhoads, Department of Geography
Community-based watershed management and decision-making; fluvial dynamics of stream confluences; dispersal of sediment-related contaminants through drainage nets; human impact on the geomorphic stability of agricultural and urban streams; statistical modeling of fluvial systems; philosophical aspects of geomorphology.

 Jesse Ribot, Department of Geography and Director, Social Dimensions of Environmental Policy (at the Beckman Institute).
Jesse Ribot's research examines the 1) causes of environmental change, 2) causes of social problems related to the environment, and 3) on the making, implementation and effects of policy solutions on society and the environment. His research emphasizes human rights, justice and democracy in relation to water policy, energy policy, biofuels production, urbanization, forest carbon offsets, biodiversity conservation, extractive industries, and international trade policies.

 Margaret Rosso Grossman, Department of ACES

 Dede Ruggles, Department of Landscape Architecture
Visual culture and the built environment  of the Islamic World, medieval Mediterranean, and South Asia; theory and practice of cultural heritage preservation and management.

 Carla Santos, Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism
Power of text and images to influence tourist's experiences, ways of seeing, and perceptions of place, host, and culture; potential influence of media texts on perceptions of those tourists for whom the search for cultural and historical authenticity is central to their motive for travel.

 Mahir Saul, Department of Anthropology
West African agriculture, environmental history, colonial period, agroforestry and tree plantations, grain marketing, ritual practice and the environment, ethnography, kinship and social organization, politics and colonial policies.

 Daniel Schneider, Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Ecological basis for environmental planning and management, environmental history, community involvement in natural resource management.

 Helaine Silverman, Department of Anthropology
Anthropological and archaeological perspectives on the built environment; cultural theory; politics, cultural patrimony management and tourism; spatial narrative and performance in living ancient cities; urbanism; landscapes of death.

 Anne Heinze Silvis, Department of Human and Community Development
Community development including leadership development; sustainable agriculture; community planning and organizing; Extension work in Community and Economic Development. 

 Amita Sinha, Department of Landscape Architecture
Culture and landscapes of South Asia; impact of religion, social structure and political ideology on housing, streets gardens and urban form, paradigms of nature and its cultural constructions in textual traditions and in sacred complexes.

 Bill Stewart, Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism; Assoc Dean, AHS
Park planning and policy, empowerment, community-based conservation, citizen and stakeholder dialogue processes

 William Sullivan, Department of Landscape Architecture
The effects of everyday nature on human behavior and functioning, and citizen participation in environmental decision-making.

 Joanne Vining, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Emotion and environmental decision-making; environmental quality; ecosystem restoration; public involvement; human-animal interactions., qualitative analyses.

 Gerry Walter, Department of Human and Community Development

 David Wilson, Department of Geography
Social theory and the built environment; qualitative methods; North American urban political processes; social theory and environmental change; dynamics of neighborhood change; history and philosophy of geography.