Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems
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HDES is currently seeking input on its future directions. We are soliciting nominations, including self nominations, for both the Chair of HDES and for faculty to direct HDES Seminars and other activities. If you would like to teach a course, sponsor an event, or submit a nomination for chair, or participate in other ways, please write us at


  • USA Today published an Op-Ed by Krassa and Radcliff about the Push for 15 movement on April 15, 2015.
  • An Op-Ed by Benjamin Radcliff and Michael Krassa appeared in Talking Points Memo on Oct 21, 2014.
  • An article by HDES Chair Michael Krassa and colleague Benjamin Radcliff appeared in the Washington Post.
  • HDES 2014-15 Steering Committee was named.
  • HDES faculty led an 8 week workshop on "Shrinking Cities" at the Built Environment Research Lab.
  • A forthcoming PBS documentary includes coverage of HDES/PS Professor Michael Krassa's work on the impact of public space and neighborhood designs.
  • HDES/NRES Professor Ming Kuo's work on health and exposure to the natural environment was mentioned in a Salon article on Outdoor Learning.
  • HDES/Dance Professor Jennifer Monson received the Doris Duke Impact Award.
  • HDES Chair Professor Michael Krassa was quoted in an Ann Arbor Observer article about neighbors and neighborliness called "Sue Thy Neighbor."