Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems
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  • USA Today published an Op-Ed by Michael Krassa about the Push for 15 movement on April 15, 2015.
  • An Op-Ed by Benjamin Radcliff and Michael Krassa appeared in Talking Points Memo on Oct 21, 2014. A related piece appeared in the Peoria Journal Star on Nov 6, 2014
  • An article by HDES Chair Michael Krassa and colleague Benjamin Radcliff appeared in the Washington Post.
  • HDES 2014-15 Steering Committee was named.
  • HDES faculty led an 8 week workshop on "Shrinking Cities" at the Built Environment Research Lab.
  • A forthcoming PBS documentary includes coverage of HDES/PS Professor Michael Krassa's work (with Bishop Tomshack) on the impact of public space and neighborhood designs.
  • HDES/NRES Professor Ming Kuo's work on health and exposure to the natural environment was mentioned in a Salon article on Outdoor Learning.
  • HDES/Dance Professor Jennifer Monson received the Doris Duke Impact Award.
  • HDES Chair Professor Michael Krassa was quoted in an Ann Arbor Observer article about neighbors and neighborliness called "Sue Thy Neighbor."