Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems
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The HDES faculty recommend the following courses for more training and for the graduate minor and concentration in HDES

Arch 418 Hist Urban Env
Arch 472 Arch Design in Landscape and Cities
Arch 480 Sustainable Design Principles
Arch 580 Adv Sustainability Principles

Afro 552 Ethnography Urban Communities
Afro 560 African Diaspora

AFST 84 African Urbanization

CHLH 461 Environ Toxicology
CHLH 469 Environ Health

CPSC 426 Conservation Biology

Econ 516 Environmental Economics

Geog 410 Geog of Development and Underdevelopment
Geog 474 Applied GIS to Env Studies
Geog 594 Climate and Social Vulnerability: Concepts and Policy Approach

HCD 531 Community Studies Theory
HCD 533 Community in American Society
HCD 534 Neighborhoods and Human Development

HDES 598 Special Topics in the Human Dim of Env Systems
HDES 595 Research Seminar in the Hum Dim of Env Systems
HDES 595 The Human Place in Nature
HDES 409 Attitudes, Behaviors, and the Environment (same as PS 409)
HDES 410  Social Ecology of the Neighborhood (same as PS 410)

LA 441 Land Resource Evaluation
LA 444 Social Impact Assessment
LA 517 Land and Society
LA 540 Public Involv in Resource Management
LA 550 Environmental Impact Assessment
LA 562 The Social Construction of Space
LA 563 Soc/Beh Research on the Designed Environment

Law 616 Environmental Law and Politics
Law 618 Natural Resources
Law 619 Wildlife Law
Law 621 Readings in Conservation Theory

NRES 420 Restoration Ecology
NRES 439 Env and Sustainable Develop
NRES 452 Community Ecology
NRES 472 Environmental Psychology
NRES 508 Community and Natural Resources
NRES 510 Adv Nat Resource Economics

PS 409 Attitudes, Behaviors, and the Environment
PS 410 Neighborhoods and Politics

RST 444 Social Impact Assessment

Soc 447 Environmental Sociology
Soc 464 Comm in Env Social Movements

UP 406 Urban Ecology
UP 442 Env Policy and Law
UP 446 Sustainable Planning Seminar
UP 448 Environmental Planning Workship
UP 480 Sustainable Design Seminar
UP 583 Env History of Cities and Regions